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You would have to search long and hard to find a more ideal metaphor for hope, inspiration, and encouragement than the freshwater pearl. Were it not for a grain of sand that invades and irritates the clam or oyster's sanctity, the pearl would not exist. In spite of their slight irregularities, or maybe because of them, freshwater pearls have a captivating beauty all their own.

Although the designs are similar, we offer two separate freshwater pearl creations, each with their own distinctive meaning and purpose.

The freshwater pearl, born of adversity, manifests itself in an endless variety of colors, unusual shapes, and sizes. The unevenness in shape and texture (which some might call imperfections) are a part of the freshwater pearl's innate beauty. Each Pearlfection bracelet is constructed to highlight the best characteristics and outstanding qualities of the pearls while retaining a uniformity of design.

Each special needs bracelet bears a heart, symbolizing commitment, respect, and courage on the part of parents, teachers, counselors, and other helping professionals. The Pearlfection bracelet comes with a gift card and original poem that captures the unique experience of nurturing, teaching, and/or raising a child with special needs.

Pearlfection: $49.00

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Were it not for a moment of hardship, the pearl would not exist. You too, have had your moments of hardship. Yet, like the freshwater pearl, some of your challenges (and lessons, and triumphs) have helped make you who you are. They have shaped your inner beauty that emanates from the inside out.

This lovely bracelet can serve as a reminder that you succeed, not because of, but in spite of! You, like the pearl, can prevail over life's challenges and imperfections if you keep on. The next time you have a moment of doubt or annoyance, think about that tiny grain of sand, and don't resist. Instead, relax and smile, and quietly persist.

This eye catching and slightly irregular pearl bracelet-and the poem that accompanies it-can serve as a reminder that adversity and opportunity are constant companions and your attitude is always in your hands. And yes, you can have a hand in creating the perfect Pearlsistence bracelet for you.

Pearlsistence: $49.00

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